D6.4 Dissemination and Communication Report – Year 1

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The purpose of this document is to present all conducted dissemination activities, as well as events of the Policy Compass project that took place during Year 1 (M1-M12). The dissemination and communication activities have mostly focused on participating in events, where the project can be presented, organising workshops and clustering activities with other relevant projects and initiatives.

First, the Big Policy Canvas project, had an active presence at relevant research events and/or conferences, namely:

  • ICT Proposers’ Day 2017

D6.1 Data Management Plan

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The Big Policy Canvas project participates in the Pilot on Open Research Data launched by the European Commission along with the Horizon 2020 programme. Hence, this deliverable sets the project’s Data Management Plan, which conforms to the Guidelines on Data Management in Horizon 2020 and specifies the types of data to be generated and collected during the project duration along with the metadata related to them, and the scheme of their archiving and preservation.

D4.1 Methods, Tools, Technologies and Applications

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Big Policy Canvas aims to support the process of transforming the public sector into an effective, efficient, consistent and evidence-based policy making structure. At the same time, it aims to explore the potential of Big Data technology towards fulfilling that goal. Within the scope of the project is to also provide an active community, where the needs arising from the transformation of the public sector can be coupled with emerging trends, as well as with assets that are currently used in the public and private sectors and have the potential to fulfil those needs or trends.

D3.2 Design and Implementation of Needs and Trends Assessment Framework

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The deliverable at hand is released within the context of Work Package 3 “Public Administrations’ Needs and Trends Identification and Assessment” and particularly relates to Task 3.2 “Design and Implementation of Needs and Trends Assessment Framework”. Following an approach, centred around the analysis and comparison of each application domain’s Demand and Supply, its objective is to provide the aforementioned framework, and thereby the methodology for:

D3.1 Needs and Trends in Public Administrations

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The deliverable reports on public administrations’ needs and trends in order to deliver the basic input for further efforts and for mapping the relevant methods, tools and technologies that may heal public administration’s defects or support further its advancement, as well as to derive the actions and funding decisions needed to boost technological development and innovation in the public sector.

D2.1 Identified Stakeholders & Networking Activities Planning

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This deliverable describes the process of identification and clustering of stakeholders, including the rationale for the involvement of stakeholders in the project and the provisional identification process, as well as the future networking activities of the project, outlining the strategic plan for building the Big Policy Canvas community and the initial version of the Community Building Plan. The deliverable contains a preliminary list of communities, related projects and stakeholders. The number of communities and related projects identified is respectively 51 and 27.

On the 3rd of October 2018, Big Policy Canvas representatives met with Lieven Raes, Smart City advisor at Information Flanders and coordinator of the project PoliVisu - Policy Development based on Advanced Data Analyti